Niners “Lose” Another Family Member . . .

The Niners lost another member of their family this month when Harry Roy Gilbert passed away July 14th, in San Francisco, at age 92 (actually, 92 1/2) . . . You may not know his name, but you’d certainly recognize his face if we showed you a photo . . . “Roy,” who worked for the 49ers in various positions for 32 seasons, joined the team way back in 1958 and didn’t retire until 1990, at age 76!  His favorite team assignment was the annual NFL draft when he’d work the phones back in New York — usually at the side of Norb Hecker and/or Paul Salata — but the reason his face would be familiar to so many football fans throughout the world, especially Niner fans, was his “work” as Bill Walsh’s “Get Back Guy” on the sidelines of every 49ers’ game, both home AND away, in the late 1970’s & through most of the 80’s . . . As the team’s “Get Back Guy,” Roy’s job was to keep the players and coaches IN the bench area and BACK from the playing field . . . find an old Niners video or even a snap shot showing the Niners’ sidelines or just about any team celebration following a victory — and sure enough you’ll see Roy proudly there, front and center!

Like others from the 49ers’ family that have gone before him (i.e. Norb and Bill), Roy Gilbert will be missed!

— JayDub


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