J.T. O’Sullivan????????

Well, after reading in the paper this morning that granite counter tops could be radioactive, and should be tested in your home, I quickly turned to the sports page to try and escape yet another peril of this modern world. Head Coach Mike Nolan has announced that there is open competition for the 2008 starting Quarterback position between Alex Smith, Shaun Hill, and Free Agent J.T. O’Sullivan.  Yes, THAT J.T. O’Sullivan, the 6th round draft pick in 2002 of the New Orleans Saints from U.C. Davis, who subsequently has played for the Packers, Vikings, Bears, Patriots, Panthers and Lions. He’s played for the entire NFC Central conference! The San Francisco Chronicle now has a daily training camp performance meter for all three Quarterbacks indicating how they performed in camp the day before. An up-arrow for good, a down-arrow for not so good, and two opposite facing horizontal arrows for so-so. For example, on August 1st, Smith was so-so, Hill was so-so, and O’Sullivan, good. Coach Nolan offered an interesting quote about O’Sullivan recently.  He said, “there’s no question that J.T. O’Sullivan is tough. He’s competitive. He’s resilient. Now if he can play Quarterback, that’d be great.” Now there’s a worthy objective for a guy in an NFL camp wearing a single number and hanging around with the Center. I guess I’m up for open competition all right. Let the best man win. It’s just that the Niners selected Alex Smith as the number one player in the draft in 2005, and to think he’s now in a cage match with a man who played in the NFL for five years and never took a snap in a real game (prior to last year), and a man who has played for eight teams since 2002, is pretty unbelievable. I for one am going to be very disappointed if Smith doesn’t emerge as the starter for 2008, and do so in definitive fashion.



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