Trent Dilfer News & Rumors . . .

You’ve probably heard the news about recently retired Niners’ QB Trent Dilfer being added to ESPN’s staff as a studio analyst, right?  Well I think that’s great and I’m sure he’ll do an oustanding job at that!

But have you heard the news about him injuring his achilles?  That was THE rumor I heard while attending a fund-raising golf tournament, recently, in Hanford, CA . . . 

In real life (when not writing for this web site, appearing on the “Hooked on the Niners” TV Show or working one of my NFL assignments as an Instant Replay Communicator), I make a living helping organizations raise funds (i.e. I supply sports & entertainment memorabilia to charities as auction items for their fund-raising events) . . . and I was in the central valley recently working with the Joshua Barba Memorial Golf Tournament at King’s Country Club when I heard that rumor about Trent . . . seems he was injured playing hoops . . . so, GET WELL SOON Trent & Best Wishes on your new ESPN assignment!

— JayDub


2 Responses to “Trent Dilfer News & Rumors . . .”

  1. Terry Says:

    I heard it from a good source that broadcasters, most notably sportscasters, can injure their mouths if they talk too much or too loud. Is this an urban legend or is there validity to this theory? I’ll sign off and wait for my answer…

  2. JayDub Says:

    I am a college graduate, but I’m not sure what your comments have to do with Trent Dilfer and/or even if what you speak about is “urban legend,” a joke or maybe even a shot at one of (or all of) us at “Hooked on the Niners” TV show?
    I do know this — there have been a few “broadcasters” over the years that I wish WOULD HAVE “injured their mouths!” as they definitely DID talk too much and/or too loud!
    Thanks for checking out our site . . . please come back again!
    — JayDub

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