I hate Aaron Rodgers!

No…………not really, but that guy has just become so damn good! Move over Mr. Manning and Mr. Brady, there’s a young gun in town who is gonna be stealing some headlines from you boys. Obviously, as Niner fans it’s quite painful to watch Mr. Rodgers play the game at such a high level at such a young age, as compared to what the Niners have lined up behind center since Jeff Garcia rode off into the sunset.

One needs to remember though that despite Rodgers’ considerable physical talents and mental acumen for the game, he was really in a great situation going to Green Bay. He got drafted by a very accomplished football team. He has had solid coaching continuity. He wasn’t rushed into the heat of battle. He had the unique opportunity to carefully watch and learn from a Hall of Fame quarterback. Don’t get me wrong, we all wish the Niners had the crystal ball on draft day in 2005 and called the name Aaron Rodgers instead of Alex Smith, but honestly no one saw this Rodgers “thing” coming. Sure, he was seen as a first rounder by most pundits, but never a top 5 pick, let alone a number one overall.

Just for yuks it’s always fun to speculate what Alex Smith would have become had he been drafted by the Packers, and what Aaron Rodgers would have become adorned in Niner red and gold. I’m guessing that the intrinsic talents in both these players would have landed them not far from where they are now. I don’t think Vince Lombardi could have cured Smith’s tentative nature as a QB, and even Mike Singletary couldn’t have screwed up Rodgers.

Coach Harbaugh is currently suggesting that he wants to try and convert the person who was drafted number one overall in 2005 to a real NFL quarterback. Line up a couple of congressional medals of honor if that were to happen. In the meantime, it was nice to see the emergence of a local kid, Mr. Aaron Rodgers, ascend to the top of the mountain both as an individual player, and a world champion.




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