Niner-Charger post game thoughts…..

For whatever reason, I had a good thought about the San Diego game, I really did.  No, eggnog was not involved in my pregame thought process, although it was heavily involved in my post game recovery.

My biggest disappointment?  I don’t know about anyone else, but at my house, on my HD television, there were seemingly endless times when Charger receivers caught a pass AND THERE WERE NO NINER DEFENDERS ON MY SCREEN!  What defense was that?

Next on my heartbreak list?  I’m afraid we may have whiffed with our 1st pick in the draft (Anthony Davis) and our 3rd pick (Taylor Mays).  One leads the league in sacks given up and the other…well, he may have expired for all I know.  Good teams don’t miss on picks that high.

Lastly, I was asked at lunch the other day if now that Donovan McNabb is unofficially out in Washington, would I consider giving up a draft pick for him to come to San Francisco.  My initial response (yes!) was challenged, and after further review I think that if two of the top coaches in the league, Andy Reid and Mike Shanahan pass on him, maybe I should consider there may be hint there!

Here’s wishing you Andrew Luck and Jim Harbaugh in your Christmas stocking and a 2011 season with a plan.



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