Audible Anyone?

The radio airwaves in the Bay Area were spewing venom on Friday after the Chargers dismantled the Niners on Thursday night at the Murph. Calls for the head and most other body parts of Coach Sing and Offensive Coordinator Mike Johnson were being heard more than any Christmas music. ‘ Tis the season to be thoroughly fed up with the Niners it seems. The one  little different take away that I had from the game, that wasn’t maybe talked about ten million times after the contest, was something before the fourth and inches call after Alex Smith’s TD lunge at the pylon was not to be.  Sure, we all saw Anthony Dixon get almost immediately tackled by Charger  linebacker Brandon Siler behind the line of scrimmage which launched  the assembled masses off their sofas and bar stools in anger and dismay……but my question is….did Alex Smith have permission from the Niner brain trust to call an audible on that play when he arrived at the line of scrimmage? My guess was no. He dutifully executed the call radioed into him and did the slow developing reverse pivot hand off to Mr. Dixon which fooled no one in the stadium, much less the Charger defense. I guess Mike Johnson felt the 6 inch QB sneak was just way too predictable? Maybe I’m wrong, but it just appears that the Niners refuse to let their quarterback, especially their very bright and master of the playbook one make any calls on their own?  Do you think Tom Brady or Payton Manning would have sauntered up to the line on 4th and inches, looked at the opposing defense and thought…..hmmm, the play I’ve been given probably won’t work given the defensive alignment I’m seeing, but damn the torpedoes, that what was called and that’s what I’ll do. 



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