Just for the sake of the Niners psyche

First…..congrats on the win against Seattle and a very generous Matt Hasselbeck who obvious was in the giving spirit. Not to dismiss the interceptions by the Niners, but most of them were served up on the proverbial holiday platter.  The Niners showed up when they had to, and all in all handed a big L to the boys from the Pacific Northwest. Speaking of being handed a big L, the Kansas City Chiefs were on a big high heading into a showdown with their AFC West foe, the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers sent the K.C. crew back to the city of great BBQ with their heads in their hands and collective tails between their legs with a 31-0 beat down.  The Chargers are playing very well right about now as they seem to, every December. They are currently leading the NFL in total defense and are second in total offense.  The Niners travel to SD on Thursday to jump into this uninviting pool. They’ll face one of the very best signal callers in the NFL in Mr. Rivers, who has Vincent Jackson back to heave it to.  The Chargers running back by committee is also capable of inflicting a lot of damage.  While the Niners did win a big one against the Seahawks they were vulnerable to a number of long pass plays because a. their secondary just seems a step slow and b. because they continue to be a team that doesn’t harass the opposing quarterback very well (1 sack against Seattle). The Niners best “watch a whole lot of film” which the Head Coach apparently loves to do to see what they can do both offensively and defensively against the  Bolts. If they can’t, they may be looking at another Green Bay type game where they get totally dominated. That would not be the best thing to happen heading into St. Louis for THE most pivotal game of their year.



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