So……who wins the NFC West?

Lets take a look at the three “wanna be’s” final 5 games.

The Niners are 4-7 with these games remaining:

@Green Bay


@San Diego

@ St. Louis


The Rams are 5-6 with these games remaining:


@New Orleans

Kansas City

San Francisco


The Seahawks are 5-6 with these games remaining:


@San Francisco


Tampa Bay

St. Louis

The Niners have, in this observer’s opinion, have far and away the toughest road to hoe. First they are a game back of the Rams and Seahawks. Second, they have two terribly tough road games, at Green Bay, and at San Diego to play. The away game in St. Louis is also very tough. The Rams are 4-2 at home this year and will be quite ready to return the loss to the Niners that was pinned on them at Candlestick. I predict the Niners lose three of their last five, and finish 6-10.

“On paper”, the Seahawks have the easiest road to the NFC West title, but their play of late isn’t exactly making  ESPN ‘s highlight show. Four of their last five games are at home and their road game is against the Niners.  Atlanta is a very tough draw and I’d expect a loss to there, but all the other games are imminently winnable. The question is, can Pete Carroll and Co. get their act together?

The Rams have road games in Seattle and Arizona which both are clearly winnable. The reigning Super Bowl champs on the road will be too much of an obstacle I would think. Kansas City and the Niners at home are both within their reach, especially the Niners.

So who wins the NFC West? My couple of nickels is on the St. Louis Rams. Who would have ever thunk it!



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