“It’s on me”

This is apparently Coach Singletary’s new strategy to the demise of his team.  He implored reporters at his Monday post Tampa Bay game loss that any question about the team not performing well would be answered with…..  “it’s my fault.”  Turn overs, my fault. Lack of execution, my fault. Poor offensive line play, my fault. Lack of offensive creativity, my fault. Troy Smith being completely controlled, my fault.  This is kinda silly, really silly. It’s almost as bad as a coach or a person saying “nothing is my fault.”  I don’t know if any reporter asked the coach if with all these “my faults”, should be excused from his position? One could certainly make that argument as the owners of the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings certainly did.  Coach Singletary has also asked that we all the “wait until Monday night.” We assume this means his Niners are going to take it to the hapless Arizona Cardinals?  Wow, I can hardly wait for this clash of the titans. I think it’s pretty crystal clear to all of us that the Singletary led Niners is not the long term solution. The coach is an honorable man, a spiritual man, a committed man. He just isn’t well equipped enough to manage the on field performance of an NFL football team.  But this issue runs deeper that the head football coach as we have talked about on a number of occasions. The Niners really have to get some strong football minds both on the field and behind the desks in Santa Clara. If this can happen, things can start to change pretty rapidly. Just look at the Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs for tangible examples.



One Response to ““It’s on me””

  1. Dave Says:

    I don’t think it has anything to do with ‘behind the desk’ or administrative stuff RE: 9ers pathetic performances short of hiring Singletary. I honestly think that the 9ers would play better without a head coach at the moment. Let Manusky and Johnson co-lead team on the field. Punts at the 33; And-as you mentioned- who messed with T. Smith’s head? He was a totally different QB. The stupid roll out drill- now we know what is wrong with Alex because we’ve just scene the transfromation of this spontaneous, bold, QB style of play to hold, hold, hold, run, sack QB play. Does that look familiar?

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