Not to diminish Troy Smith’s performance

But, please raise your hand if you were not impressed with rookie QB Sam Bradford of the Rams in the game last Sunday. This dude is the “real deal.” Very quick release, sees the field incredibly well for a first year player at the most demanding position in sports, and in possession of a big league arm. Rams management and fans have to be jumping for joy knowing Bradford will be manning the helm of the Ram offense for the next ten or more years.  And to think that Bradford is doing it this year with his probable starting wide outs, Mark Clayton and Donnie Avery, on the Rams injured resereve list.  I thought Bradford showed incredible poise against the Niners, especially behind an offensive line that isn’t exactly the Indianapolis Colts.  Another Big 12 rookie, Colt McCoy, is also showing up big time after being given the reigns at Cleveland.  While not having the physical tools that Bradford has, McCoy is a very smart guy and extremely accurate thrower. Like the Rams, the Browns are on the rise with their rookie QB. Is is nice to not have to completely lament that the Niners wish they had gotten a Bradford or a McCoy in the draft instead of an Alex Smith, now that Troy Smith has emerged as a player and a leader that gives them a chance to win games, not contribute to losing them. Sorry Alex, the party is over.



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