A Mirror Image?

My good friend on our show, Jerry Walker, has a saying that I will paraphrase: “I root for two teams each week, the Niners and whoever is playing the Cowboys.”   I couldn’t agree more accept I would include ‘whoever is playing the Rams’, but I digress.

With that in mind, I thoroughly enjoyed the shellacking the Cowboys suffered at the hands of the Packers on Sunday Night Football.  With the subsequent firing of Wade Phillips today, the joy of knowing the Cowboys are in complete disarray overcame me, if only for a while.

In thinking about the demise of ‘America’s Last Place Team’, it occurred to me their downfall was the result of three primary things:  So-so drafting, poor coaching and a non-football-man, Jerry Jones, as the General Manager. This formula hasn’t, doesn’t and won’t work in the NFL.  Does this sound a bit scary to you?



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