A Smith by any other name?

With the immergence of Troy Smith, for one game, it would appear that there is the potential that we have seen the last of Alex Smith as a starter for the Niners. The oft injured QB is on the shelf for the foreseeable future and even if healthy, it would be hard for Coach Singletary to go back to him if Troy Smith wins a few games, which our schedule dictates is a possibility. And what a shame. It would have been hard to concoct a worse recipe for disaster than the one that befell Alex.

 Young quarterback drafted #1 by a poor team.

 Unprepared for the NFL by virtue of his college style of offense.

 Named the starter on day one.

 Veritable inexperienced head coach.

 No offensive line.

 No receivers.

 Different offensive coordinator each year with the team.

 Brutal injury to non-throwing shoulder.

 Called out and questioned by his head coach.

 Questioned by some team mates.

 Has to take a pay cut to remain with the team.

 Etc., etc., etc.

Enter another Smith. Does it really matter? It couldn’t be worse.



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