Troy Smith for President

Well, maybe that’s going a wee bit too far, but it sure was nice watching  a player who played with some passion, determination, and bravado, as opposed to Alex Smith, who just looks like the proverbial deer in the headlights virtually every time he gets the ball in his hands. Seems like Alex’s career with the  Niners is over if that other Smith can deliver any sort of success over the next 8 games of the year. I can’t imagine that Singletary would even think about starting Alex when his shoulder is healthy again, but then again I couldn’t imagine that Coach Sing wouldn’t shake an opposing Head Coach’s hand (Atlanta’s Mike Smith) at the end of a game. It’s also is clearly the end of the line for David Carr, who had a very short career as the number one backup. Why on this big green planet would the Niners sign a guy who a TV announcer said during the Carolina game has no support from the offensive coordinator, nor the Head Coach apparently, to throw the football?  If all of the aforementioned is true, the Niners will clearly be in the market for a quarterback or quarterbacks next season. The “experts” tell us 2011 is a deep college quarterback draft led by Stanford’s Andrew Luck.  Then there’s Nate Davis in the bullpen. Can he become a viable NFL signal caller?  I still wish the Niners had pursued Donovan McNabb in last years off-season, but then again, I wish for a lot of things.



One Response to “Troy Smith for President”

  1. BornAgainFaithful Says:

    Troy Smith has all the intangibles. He’s a younger, faster, stronger-armed version of Jeff Garcia or Doug Flutie. You will notice that T.Smith makes the biggest plays after the first 3 seconds, when the defense has started to loosen up on their primary coverage, when receivers can sneak away from the planned routes (which the defense probably expected), and where improvisation wins the day over predictable play calls. This is the same quality that made Montana effect in his earlier career, when moving the pocket tired out the defensive linemen, confuses the secondary, and give play makers more time to get open. As long as pass rushers are 2-3 feet away, T.Smith is still able to function and throw the ball (despite his lack of height).

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