Battle of Coaches on the Hot Seat

The Niner-Denver battle on the Themes is going to make the loser Head Coach even more vulnerable to be excused from his job. Maybe Mike Singletary and Josh McDaniels are already gone?  Singletary’s player resume and rhetoric worked for a while after Mike Nolan was sent packing, but it isn’t now. His team is playing poorly on both offense and recently (and surprisingly) on defense. They have also accumulated 22 penalties in their last two games.  The Niners consistently look confused and disorganized. McDaniels  raised the controversy flag up the flagpole almost immediately after being hired. He shipped Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall out of town, and certainly didn’t endear himself to a lot of Denver fans by selecting Tim Tebow in the first round of the 2010 draft.  But worse, is McDaniel’s record against AFC West opponents since he’s been in Denver. It’s 0-4, including last weekend’s thrashing at the hands of the Oakland Raiders.  It’s hard to see these once proud franchises foundering so much. It’s not all about the Head Coach, but a whole lot of it is. Thus far Mr. Singletary and Mr. McDaniels just ain’t getting it done.



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