Niners back to square one

Sorry…….the age twenty something owner, no GM, Head Coach with no real coaching portfolio, offensive coordinator de jour, shall we go on…….isn’t working.  And it won’t. The Niners need to get some real football people in their organization, or this cavalcade of mediocrity is destined to continue. Who exactly are those “football people?” Heck, I don’t know, but they’re out there. Atlanta found them, so did Arizona, as did  Miami. Looks like Kansas City has too. Cleveland is also doing it right by hiring Mike Holmgren, a “football person.” But wait……there’s more.  What has been described as a highly reliable source has John Gruden going to the Browns next year as Head Coach.  It’s really time for young Mr. York to have a long talk with his uncle about what it takes to build and sustain a championship NFL football team.  This will no doubt take more checks from the York’s bank account to accomplish, but I guess you’re  “in”, or you’ll certainly be “out”, right where the franchise is currently.



One Response to “Niners back to square one”

  1. FrustratedFaithful Says:

    Just do what his uncle did, hire a great Stanford football coach, who’s able to make the most of the limited talents of his team (beating USC, for example). Draft a QB from Notre Dame named Montana (Nate)

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