And here come the Eagles

I marked this game down as a loss in my pre-season prognostications before the Niners started the year.  The last two contests in ’09 and ’08 have gone the way of the birds, but both those were with Donovan McNabb at the helm. Even without McNabb, I still thought the Eagles would have too much horsepower for the hometown boys. Shades of LeSean Jackson running amuck in the Niner secondary were ever present.

After the Niners start this year, and the emergence of Mike Vick, this game became even scarier. But when the Eagles hit the field on Sunday night at the ‘Stick Mike will be watching from the sidelines with broken ribs. Further, second year tailback and speedster LeSean McCoy will also be watching the Niner game  in his sweat suit. Add to this,  great cover corner Asante Samuels also may not play after sustaining a concussion in his last game.  So the Niners have a real good chance to win their first game, especially in the confines of their home stadium, right? Well, I guess so, on paper.

But don’t chalk up victory number one quite so fast.  First of all the Eagles, despite their 2-2 record so far this year still have a lot of talent and how many times have we seen a scenario where the number one guy is out, and someone comes in a just has a blow up game.  Kevin Kolb did a nice job last weekend against the ‘Skins after Vick went down completing 22-35 for 201 yds and a TD. He threw one pick. Kolb of course was the Eagles starter to open the season and suffered a concussion early one paving the way for the Vick Show.  One can assume Mr. Kolb isn’t too pleased with being sent to the pine and might just take that out on the Niners. He can throw the football, that’s for sure.

On the Niner side, the defense played well against Atlanta and thankfully won’t have to worry about Vick running around like the Roadrunner in all the cartoons with them fruitlessly pursing him.  But still Mr. Jackson will be there and one can take it to the bank that Mr Kolb will launch some long range missiles to him.  After watching another pathetic performance by the Niner offense and their Quarterback against the Falcons, there is not indication that the Niners can put up a lot of points against Philadelphia, or anyone for the matter.  This game could play out in so many different ways.

One hopes this game could be a real turning point for the Niners with Oakland, Carolina and Denver next in line. If the Niners drop to 0-5, it’s time for some changes, most obviously at the Quarterback position.



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