No, not just Mike Johnson for Jimmy Raye, but on the field. Rumors have been circulating that Michael Lewis and Takeo Spikes will both take a seat against Atlanta in favor of Reggie Smith and NoVorro Bowman. I wonder if that will help any? The rookie Bowman has potential, but he’s still got a pretty high learning curve at the NFL level and has been out of position on a number of plays so far this years when he’s been called to action.  Smith has always been touted as a player with excellent potential. A CB in college at Oklahoma, apparently he’s been learning the safety position. Well, it’s high time to see if he has.

I also think it’s time for coach Sing to take another long look at Chilo Rachal. Chilo looks  like he might have spent a little too much time at the feeding trough in the off-season.  He looked pretty slow and cumbersome against the Chiefs aggressive D-line to me.  Adam Snyder did a fine job at right guard in Rachal’s absence against New Orleans.  As a person who has also played at tackle a lot, one wonders if he could actually help Anthony Davis both physically and mentally during a game?

The Niners have far bigger problems right now than moving a few deck chairs around. They make the long trek to Atlanta this weekend to face a formidable foe after getting dismantled in every phase of the game in Kansas City.  Do you think Atlanta’s defensive coordinator Brian Van Gorder is dialing up a few plays right about now to harass Alex Smith and the Niners offensive line.  Maybe to see if the Niners offense can make a play? 

Keep your seatbelts tightened low and tight across your collective laps.



One Response to “Cha-Cha-Changes”

  1. Zach Ameen Says:

    Atlanta will hit fast and hard and we will see how we take it?
    I still believe that Atlanta will find a way to beat us. We still don’t have strong coaching and QB. It will be a close game.

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