State of shock indeed!

If you listen carefully you will begin to hear a steady drumbeat growing louder each day–get rid of Singletary and Smith. We have seen this before with Smith but for the tough and emotional Mike Singletary this going to be something new. If you listen beyond the drumbeat you will begin to hear a new savior emerging, Jim Harbaugh. I want to make it clear I am not advocating this revolution, at least not yet but the Niner faithful are predictable lot.

Nobody can blame of us for being in a state of shock. We thought this team was on the up swing, this time it wasn’t just us with our rosy scenarios, the choir of national pundits shared our optimism. A strong game on Monday night created a glimmer of hope but it has now been book ended by two anemic performances against mediocre teams. Unless something changes dramatically in the next several days 0-3 is going to become 0-4.

Clearly Alex Smith is on his 9th life. All the improvement we thought we were seeing has been replaced by a nagging concern that goes back to day one as a Niner. His inability to throw the short pass accurately. His tendency to throw the ball high and a little wild results in too many tipped balls that inevitably end in the wrong hands at the wrong time.

As for the Coach, there is a great deal to like about him. However his intensity which served him so well as a player has become the personality of this young team. It results in flashes of brilliance along with periods of mental and physical mistakes, ie turnovers, penalties along with lapses in game management.

In the final analysis it is the oldest cliché in sports ” this team is not as good as we thought they were and not as bad as they are playing”. They can still turn things around but time is short and that steady drumbeat is getting louder.



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