Kansas City = Big Game

Well, it seems every week is now a Big Game for the Niners. Opener at Seattle, divisional opponent = Big Game. Week two on national TV against the defending Super Bowl champions after getting embarrassed in week one = Big Game. But one could argue this weeks game against the 2-0 Chiefs in hostile Arrowhead Stadium might really =  Big Game.

The Niners can ill afford to slip to 0-3, with a trip to Atlanta and Mike Vick and Company at the ‘Stick waiting in the wings. That might be a recipe for an 0-5 start, which would not be all that terrific.

While Kansas City is and has been a notoriously tough place to play for opponents due to the extreme noise and passion their fans bring, this is a game the Niners should win. Why? Because they have better personnel than the Chiefs. But as we have seen in the last two weeks the Niners are capable of all kinds of shenanigans when it’s game on.

The Chiefs do not have a formidable offense and the Niners do have a formidable defense, so clear advantage Niners.  The Niners offense was completely flaccid against Seattle, but was very potent against the Saints. Obviously, their basket of turnovers is what did them in.  So, what Niner offense will show up on Sunday?  Hopefully the one that takes full advantage of Mr. Gore behind a huge and vastly improving offensive line, one that has Mr. Smith on the move to greatly enhance his opportunities to be successful, and one where that Crabtree guy decides to show up.

Here’s the other reason I would like to see Niners prevail against the Chiefs. That might mean a way less irascible, cranky and defensive Mike Singletary after the game and in the week preceding the Atlanta game. His “act” has really gotten old to this observer, but then again one could argue he’s there to coach and win football games, not be the darling of the media and the fans. I try to remind myself of that, but it still doesn’t work………….sorry.



One Response to “Kansas City = Big Game”

  1. Drew Says:

    Nothing new with the 49ers, just the same poor showing. This is a team with a big name at head coach but cannot translate that to execute when it counts.

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