Earth to Alex

OK, there’s not enough perfume in all of France to spray on that stinker. There’s so much blame to go around on the field, and on the sidelines, it’s laughable. Sorry to bring out the bulldozer for Alex Smith, but he entirely deserves it. In quarter one he looked very nice. Looking off defenders, going to his second, and even third receiver. Nine for ten completions. The pass to Josh Morgan in the end zone that was called back was a beautiful throw. Smith looked calm, confident, and large and in charge. But the second the tide turned starting with an absolutely horrible 4th and red zone pass to a wide open Moran Norris, and the Niners started circling the drain, so did Alex Smith. Back to the happy feet, aiming the ball, and firing high, which should have contributed to two more interceptions. I am not sure Alex Smith tossed a good ball in the second half, did he? Pete Carroll just dialed up the blitz time after time just begging Smith to make a play. He could not. The calls are already coming for David Carr, but that is pre-mature. Alex Smith and all the Niners have a real chance to put this horrid performance behind them with a win against the defending Super Bowl champions next Monday night. If they can do that, then all will be right back on board. If Alex and his mates serve up another stinker, there could be some real bumpy seas ahead.



One Response to “Earth to Alex”

  1. ed castillo Says:

    WHAT…….I am sorry …really sorry for Alex that he can not be an NFL quarterback.That being said …what is this non sense of well we need to work on things and we need to get better. Hello how many horrible outings are we gonna watch from a future has been that cant throw a touch pass after playing in college and then bilking the team of his first contract $ then blow a game that was handed to him on the first play. This is another Jeff Garcia era we have to put up with. We have an excellent defense, all the weapons on offense and a quarterback ….that cant get it done. I am trying to be nice about this but when do we stop patronizing the fact that Alex cant get it done. Get a quarterback NOW…..and we win. This is a fact i dont mean oh throw in anyone else i mean …umm geeze doh hey look Mcnaab is out there. No we have Alex hes the future…..well we just saw the future of the self touted im so much better now because i have the same guy sending in the plays. I mean how can we really look at each other as niner fans and spew out the fact that oh Alex will get better. We will lose all of our good players to free agency before that happens. Sorry for the rant but i think we as fans who pay money for tickets….and season tickets for some and watch this nowhere quarterback drag our team down to the bottom of the pile. With that being said the organization ….is being hand cuffed by this guy(Alex Smith)…on the basis of give me lots of money and i wont perform …..give me the same play caller and i wont perform give me good receivers and running backs and i wont perform …..give me a offensive line and i wont perform. Please some one read this and take a look at the film, And tell me how can a quarterback with all the time he played in college and all the money that we threw at him and he cant make a simple lob pass to a player who beat his guy. There were 4 missed touchdowns by Alex….and the same plays pretty much were run to perfection by …well the other quarterback. Alex lost that game for us if u dont score touchdowns…(not field goals) on turn overs u are giving the game away. Wow this is a lot of stuff but i really cant take it anymore. If anyone can please tell me when Alex will be the guy please do. Lastly i am not trying to mean to Alex…I know it looks that way. I see 52 other guys doing their jobs…and come on i dont mean at practice. I mean on the field. Clements picks the first ball off and u reward that with a field goal the defense forces punts and u reward them with nothing… oh sorry a field goal. This is the NFL the big show and guys are getting payed to play at their best and make sure that the team wins. I am sorry but i do not see it from this quarterback and dont think we as fans will ever see it. Go niners … and i do bleed red and gold.

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