The best TV game for SF Fans today?

The best game on the tube today for Niner fans might be the opener with the Giants.  I know what you’re saying, “We’re playing Seattle, not the Eli Manning lead New York Football Giants.” 

I mean the San Francisco Giants.  Both teams are teeing off today at 1:00 “Best Coast Time”, which is a real dilemma for devotes’ of both teams.  In the war of television ratings the Niners are probably facing their stiffest competition of the year.

Our beloved Orange and Black are taking on the first place San Diego Padres in essentially what is tantamount to being a playoff game.  Two time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum is on the pimple for the Giants and Padre ace, Mat Latos is shoving the rock for the bad guys.

Historically, the Niners have always been the biggest game in town in good times and bad, but don’t even get near dad’s remote come game time.  While the early ‘ratings spread’ might be small, this corner says the Niners win by the length of the Golden Gate Bridge.



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