It’s all about Alex Smith

Well, I guess it’s been suggested by just about everyone that Mr. Smith is really the major key to the Niners making the move to playoff status this year, or not. I concur, you just can’t win in the National Football League without a good quarterback. Coach Singletary and Coach Raye tell us Alex Smith is “good to go.” He’s playing with more confidence and swagger. He also has a very formidable arsenal of weapons to go to war with….. Davis, Crabtree, Gore, Westbrook, Morgan and Walker. We’ll soon see if this year is really going to be Alex Smith’s coming out party. It needs to be because the team will be out of party hats and streamers for him, if it isn’t.

It is encouraging though that despite the host of opinions on whether Alex Smith will make it or break it in 2010, at least the Niners have a starting NFL Quarterback who is in the discussion. How’d you like to be an Arizona Cardinals fan and the year after a future HOF Quarterback retires, your first round, number ten pick in the draft who should be ready to take over, gets summarily cut from the team because he just can’t play.

Oh, by the way, Matt Leinart would have been the overall number one pick in the 2005 NFL Draft and picked by your San Francisco 49ers had he come out after his junior year and back to back NCAA football titles at USC. It was reported that Leinart didn’t want to get drafted by the Niners because they were so bad, so he decided to return to Trojanville to go for the three-peat. So, the Niners picked Alex Smith and the rest is……well you know.



2 Responses to “It’s all about Alex Smith”

  1. Indiana Jim Says:

    And to think I was really looking forward to the Niners picking Leinart. Just like I used to like Ken Dorsey.

    Thank God for Alex Smith? I hope so….

  2. Bluemoon Says:

    Bluemoon Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    September 12, 2010 at 5:07 am
    This 5 years with different OC fantasy is getting real old… Bradford already outperformed Smith in the preseason, and he has no line and no weapons.

    9er fans… C’mon.

    Is there a single starter on the 9ers you can say is worse than Smith? Fullback doesen’t count.

    Any QBs in the entire NFC East that are worse than Alex Smith? I’ll list the NFC West QBs better than him and that also start.

    Matt Hasselback
    Sam Bradford
    Derek Anderson

    Don’t get me wrong, I mean, he’s surely better than backup QBs in… Oh, wait. Nevermind.

    Max Hall
    David Carr(debateable)
    A.J. Feeley
    Charlie Whitehurst

    Well, at least he’s definately not third-string material. Wait… Nevermind, again.

    Troy Smith
    Keith Null(He’s worse than Alex Smith?! Well, I sure look like an idiot!)
    JP Losman(Man, I’m stupid! He’s also worse.)
    John Skelton

    Well, he’s not practice-squad ma… Scratch that. Nate Davis is better than Alex Smith.

    Well, he would’ve got ran out’ve the NFC West if he wasn’t good enough, right? Wrong. These QBs I’m going to list are better and also were ditched.

    Matt Leinart(he sucks, but people aren’t really certain if he’s Alex bad)
    Shaun Hill
    Marc Bulger

    Well, this comment sure was fun.

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