Niner 2010 Number One’s

It appears most Niner fans, including this one, were pretty happy with their first round picks in the 2010 draft. They obviously really wanted Anthony Davis from Rutgers, and thought he might be gone before their original 13th pick. They obviously liked Mike Iupati too, as all the draft-mock-niks projected.  If these two lads pan out as expected, the Niners will have made a huge contribution to a piece of their ball club, the Offensive Line, which has been volatile and inconsistent for years.

One would guess Davis and Iupati would be projected as immediate starters, certainly Davis. Someone on the Niner radio broadcast on the night of the draft commented that it would be great to now have these two guys along with Joe Staley, David Baas, Eric Heitmann, Chilo Rachal, and Adam Snyder to really provide the depth and flexibility to deliver Mike Singletary’s coveted smash mouth football. That may indeed be the case. I’ll bet Frank Gore was happy when he went to bed on draft night.

But, I guess I couldn’t help thinking that if the Niners had experienced better fortunes with their VERY high draft picks of Baas (#2), Snyder (#3), and Rachal (#2), the needs to select offensive linemen back to back in 2010 might not have been so necessary.  Snyder has been pretty much a disappointment after arriving as the PAC 10 lineman of the year.  Lots of injuries, and observably not quick enough to play guard, nor in possession of the foot work to be a solid NFL starter at tackle. Baas, a former Big Ten lineman of the year, finally seems to have emerged as the player the Niners thought he’d be after a number of injuries, which are hopefully behind him. He was an important free agent retention for 2010, and more than likely the starter survivor of the three veterans  mentioned.  Chilo Rachal has been very enigmatic in his first two NFL seasons. Singletary placed him in the starting lineup right after he became the interim Head Coach and Rachal played pretty well as a rookie. Firmly entrenched as a starter in 2009, Rachal had a less than award winning first half of the season, and was sent to the bench for a while until Singletary got his attention again. 

So, to tie a bow around this, while I think it ain’t great to more than likely have two highly drafted and still young O-Linemen most likely be back-ups in 2010, the Niners did what they had to do to in their judgment to build arguably the most important unit on any football team, the Offensive Line.



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