Hooked on the Niners 2010 Draft Projections

Well, why not, everybody, well, almost everybody has done one, so why not us? Here’s Hooked on the Niners’ Mitch Juricich’s 2010 NFL Draft projections. Mitch has spend hours and hours putting this together, and of course, the real draft won’t go this way, but it’s sure dang fun to do this anyway. Mitch advises us that the Niners will be stitching up jerseys for Joe Haden of Florida and Mike Iupati from Idaho after the first round. So, what do you all think about that? One thing’s for sure, the Niners need to have a stellar draft this year, especially with three picks in the first 49 selections, and after two pretty average drafts back to back, in 2008, and 2009. Please visit us at www.hookedontheniners.com and have a listen to more 2010 NFL Draft musings  in our Niner Talk area.

Round One Projections

St. Louis                      Sam Bradford                         QB             Oklahoma

Detroit                         Ndamukong Suh                    DL             Nebraska

Tampa Bay                     Gerald McCoy                     DL             Alabama

Washington                    Russell Okung                     OL             Oklahoma St.

Kansas City                    Bryan Bulaga                        OL             Iowa

Seattle                        Trent Williams                          OL             Oklahoma

Cleveland                      Eric Berry                              DB             Tennessee

Oakland                        Bruce Campbell                     OL             Maryland

Buffalo                                Jimmy Claussen              QB             Notre Dame

Jacksonville                    Dez Bryant                          WR            Oklahoma St.

Denver                         Rolando McClain                    LB              Alabama      

Miami                          Derrick Morgan                        DL             Georgia Tech

San Francisco                 Joe Haden                            DB             Florida

Seattle                        Jason Pierre Paul                      DL             So. Florida

NY Giants                     Brando Graham                      DL             Michigan

Tennessee                      Dan Williams                          DL             Tennessee

San Francisco                 Mike Iupati                           OL             Idaho

Pittsburgh                     Earl Thomas                            DB             Texas

Atlanta                         Sergio Kindle                             LB             Texas                         

Houston                        Kyle Wilson                              DB             Boise State

Cincinnati                      Jermaine Grisham                TE             Oklahoma

New England                   Jerry Hughes                        LB              TCU

Green Bay                     Anthony Davis                         OL             Rutgers

Philadelphia                    C.J. Spiller                              RB             Clemson

Baltimore                      Patrick Robinson                    DB             Florida St.

Arizona                        Sean Lee                                       LB              Penn State

Dallas                          Charles Brown                              OL             USC

San Diego                      Ryan Matthews                        RB             Fresno State

NY Jets                       Sean Weatherspoon                  LB              Missouri

Minnesota                      Nate Allen                                DB             So. Florida

Indianapolis                    Maurkice Pouncey             OL             Florida

New Orleans                   Jared Odrick                          DL             Penn State


Round Two Projections

St. Louis                      Devin Mcourty                           DB             Rutgers

Detroit                         Jon Asamoah                              OL             Illinois

Tampa Bay                     Everson Griffin                       DL             USC

Kansas City                    Golden Tate                             WR            Notre Dame

Philadelphia                    Taylor Mays                          DB             USC

Cleveland                      Brandon Ghee                          DB             Wake Forest

Oakland                        Carlos Dunlap                            DL             Florida

San Diego                      Terrence Cody                         DL             Alabama

Buffalo                                Vladimir Ducasse               OL             Massachusetts        

Tampa Bay                     Aurelius Benn                         WR            Illinois

Denver                        Rodger Saffold                             OL             Indiana

New England                  Javid Best                                RB             California

Denver                        Damian Williams                        WR            USC

NY Giants                    Kareem Jackson                       DB             Alabama

New England                  Daryl Washington                LB              TCU

Carolina                       Ricky Sapp                                  DL             Clemson

San Francisco                Chad Jones                             DB             LSU

Kansas City                   Brian Price                                DT             UCLA

Houston                       Mitch Petrus                              OL             Arkansas

Pittsburgh                    Zane Beadles                             OL             Utah

New England                  Tim Tebow                              QB             Florida

Cincinnati                     Roderick Muckelroy              LB              Texas

Philadelphia                   Jason Worilds                        DL             Virginia Tech

Green Bay                    Perrish Cox                                 DB             Oklahoma St.

Baltimore                     Jermaine Cunningham           DL             Florida

Arizona                       Pat Angerer                                   LB              Iowa

Dallas                         Kam Chancellor                             DB             Virginia Tech

Seattle                       Joe McKnight                                  RB             USC

NY Jets                      Morgan Bennett                            DB             Georgia Tech

Minnesota                     Chris Chancellor                       DB             Clemson

Indianapolis                   Eric Olsen                                  OL             Notre Dame

New Orleans                  Major Wright                            DB             Florida



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