A Christmas Wish from HOTN

All I want for the Niners for Christmas is:

>Steve Young to agree to work with Alex Smith in the off-season to see if he (SY) can really make Smith a true NFL QB

>A new Right Tackle, Safety, Front 3 Pass Rusher, and deep WR threat in the 2010 NFL Draft

>A real Offensive Coordinator (sorry JR, there’s a reason you’ve been with 13 teams)

>A new stadium deal “somewhere”  (in the area of course)

>Scot McCloughan to sign a couple of high impact free agents

>Vernon Davis to not think he’s “arrived”, and work harder to be even better in 2010

>Kentwan Balmer to begin playing like he is even remotely close to being a round one draft pick

>Ahmad Brooks to continue to grow to become a real defensive beast

>Patrick Willis to never get on a motorcycle or moped in the off-season (or anytime for that matter)

>A KO and Punt return man who can really to this job effectively drops from the sky (see Draft and Free Agents)

>Mike Singletary to watch a lot of film, and make a lot of notes, on game and time management

A safe and happy Holiday Season to all Niner fans………………….



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