Player’s doin’ good and…………..

In thinking about Niner players who have exceeded expectations, or have become pleasant surprises so far this year, the two that stand out to me are…….. of course Vernon Davis, and Aubrayo Franklin.  Davis has blossomed into a formidable offensive threat as opposed to just looking good in Under Armour ads, and Franklin is delivering quintessential play from the Nose Tackle position. I also like what Shawntae Spencer is doing at CB, returning from injury.  Spencer is long and athletic and should be a defensive fixture for many years to come. Boy, I NEVER thought I would say this, but kudos to Barry Sims who has filled in admirably for Joe Staley and Adam Snyder. I thought he was just terrible last year, and was almost shocked when he was invited back to training camp. I not sure what happened from last year to this, but #65 is doing a heck of a job.

OK, to be fair……………..what players maybe aren’t “who we thought they were” this year?  Parays Harlason seemed to have emerged as a pass rushing demon last year, leading a weak pass rush team in sacks, and being around the ball constantly. We’re just not seeing that to the level we were last year, but perhaps in fairness to Haralson, teams are now scheming to block him more given the continued pass rush deficiencies that the Niners possess. I thought Dashon Goldson might be more of a factor as a starter. Not that he has been bad, but making a real defensive impact….no. Look for a safety to be high on the Niners 2010 draft shopping list.  I thought the aforementioned Adam Snyder might settle in a right tackle as his permanent position and start showing he could consistently play as a NFL starter. Nope. Snyder gets beat way to much, lacking the speed and footwork to contain many of his opponents. Ditto on the Niners 2010 draft shopping list for an offensive tackle. I also thought Snyder’s right side line mate Chilo Rachal would continue to make major strides as an NFL line as a sophomore, but that has really not come to pass. Rachal still seems to think he’s back at USC to often, and can just out physical his opponent. Not in the NFL young man. I think Rachal will ultimately turn out to be a very solid player,  but I guessed he would have a breakout year based on his play last year as a rook.

Other guys like Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, Justin Smith, Andy Lee, and Joe Nedney continue to bring their lunch pails to the field every week and do what they have in the past………… very well.

One other player that continues to interest me is San Francisco native Jason Hill. Is it just me, or does he seem to get open a lot, catch the ball, and run pretty darn well with it, when he gets a chance? Not that I would necessarily campaign that he should play in front of Morgan and Crabtree, but it sure seems he should be on the field more to this amateur observer.

Onward and upward!



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