Thoughts and Questions From Week 11

>Anyone have a clue why the Niners got rid of Allen Rossum? Unless he was caught with his hand in the till or sleeping with someone he shouldn’t have, I don’t get it.

>Who in the hell whispered in Mike Singletary’s ear to throw the challenge flag with just over two minutes left in the game? Please tell me it wasn’t the money guy.

> We’ve all seen quarterbacks with the play list on their wrist in a little holder. Have you checked out defensive coordinator Greg Manusky? He has stuff written right on his forearms! Now that’s a man!

>When did NFL teams start all of these pre-game, energy expending, hoo-hah rituals to get up for the game? It’s hard to believe they are productive in any way, shape or form.

> Alex Smith’s hands should never, ever touch the rear end of a center again. Period!

>Third and one inch and we run a short dive with Moran Norris? We were in the house that Bart Star built and I can still see him faking into the line and throwing deep in those down and distance situations. And why not try that when you have two downs?

> The most disturbing stat of the day: Only the Raiders have more ‘three and outs’ than the Niners. Pass the ipecac.

>The Niner’s first complete pass came with 7:52 left in the second quarter! Forget the ipecac, I’ll just use my finger.

>Disturbing stat #2 from the game: Green Bay takes a shot down field 1 in every 6 plays. The Niners go down field 1 in 27! Bill Walsh and Sid Gillman probably just threw up in the St. Peter’s Sports Bar and Grill.

> Why dance in the end zone, no matter how wonderful the touchdown, when you are still losing? And where is the sense of urgency (no huddle) when you are driving with less that 7 minutes in the game. It takes zero talent to hustle. And if you say it’s too tiring, then stop the hoo-hahs and dances.

Despite all of the above, I think we still have a shot at the playoffs!



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