Smith versus Rodgers

The inevitable Alex Smith versus Aaron Rodgers debate is already well in motion prior to this week’s Niner-GB game. We’ve already heard…….”Boy if  GB wins, it’s just gonna fuel the flames more that the Niners should have picked Rodgers.”  I don’t think I personally need to wait for the game to be played to make the bold statement that Aaron Rodgers is, and will continue to be, a better QB than Alex Smith. Rodgers had the good fortune to be drafted by a much more stable and successful team than Alex Smith. Rodgers had one Brett Farve to observe and learn from. Alex Smith had no such mentor, and five different offensive coordinators to direct him. But I think more than anything, Rodgers, while not on a pathway to Canton, is just a more poised and determined player than Alex Smith.  The “determined” part may not all that fair, but Smith just doesn’t give the appearance that he really, I mean really, wants to take the game to his opponent out there. Who knows, maybe he’s a towering inferno inside, but externally he just appears to be in the mode of,  “oh well, whatever happens, happens.”  The other thing about Alex Smith is the wide spectrum of what he does with the ball. On one play he looks like Tom Brady, moving deftly in the pocket, picking out the most advantageous target, and executing a picture perfect pass. On the  next play he looks like Marsha Brady of the Brady Bunch is playing quarterback.  So Smith versus Rodgers? I’ll take Aaron Rodgers now, and I’d take him later.



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