Geez Louise, when was a win so bad?

The radio talk shows have been ablaze in the Bay Area about the Niner-Bear game. Massive comments about how lousy Alex Smith looked, how Vernon Davis never got the ball, and how come they never do anything creative or surprising on offense? They won the damn game! Had they lost,  it would have time to pretty much fold up the tent, and warm up Nate Davis in the bullpen. Now they head to Green Bay to face Aaron Rodgers and the Packers with some hope of staying in the hunt. Believe me…………it could be worse, way worse.

How’d you like to be a Bear fan? This is a team that was in the Super Bowl in 2007 with Rex Grossman at the helm!  They FINALLY get a franchise Quarterback in Jay Cutler and the fans in Chicago immediately start planning for another run to the “big game.” Not exactly………… Cutler completed 5 passes to the Niners on 11/12, and now is leading the league in completions to other teams. Sure, Brian Urlacher’s season ending injury hurt the Bears, but overall they’re just not a good team. The Niners are better, pure and simple. Let’s have a big collective hooray for that!



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