Niners and the 2010 Draft

The 2010 NFL Draft will be surely a pivotal one for the Niners. Purely and simply their last two drafts with the exceptions of Chilo Rachal, Michael Crabtree and maybe Josh Morgan, have been pretty much, stinkers. With two first round picks, and a lot of holes to fill, the 2010 draft looms very large for the Niners future. It may also loom large in the future of Scot McCloughan as the GM of the team. So, who might become future Niners in 2010? Of course, it’s never too early to look and speculate. An offensive tackle would arguably be the team’s number one priority. Just look at the last two NFL drafts and see how this position is valued by other NFL teams. There does not appear to be the depth of talent at OT that was there in 2008 and 2009, but two names to watch for in 2010 are Trent Williams from Oklahoma and Bryan Bulaga from Iowa. Pass rush, pass rush, pass rush…………… many times do we need to say it?  This has been a Niner front four or front three weakness for way too many years.  An agile and quick  pass rushing DE like Carlos Dunlap from Florida or Greg Hardy from Ole Miss, could be the answer?  The big play ability of Niner safeties has been missing in action for way, way too long. In 2010 two absolutely stellar players are available. Tennessee’s Eric Berry, and USC’s Taylor Mays. Berry is a 4.4 guy with big time SEC experience and anyone who has seen Taylor Mays plays knows full well that this is a beast of a man who runs like a deer. Maybe he’s the closest thing the NFL has seen to Ronnie Lott in years?  Then there’s the Quarterback situation? Is Alex Smith or Nate Davis the guy that can really take the Niners to the next level? Certainly we could write pages on that hypothesis. 2010 is going to be a strong QB draft it seems with Sam Bradford from Oklahoma and Texas’ Colt McCoy on the board. But, two young guns may be even more attractive to NFL teams……………Jake Locker from Washington and Jimmy Clausen from Notre Dame. It is widely thought that both will declare for the 2010 draft. Then there’s Tim Tebow of Florida. I can hear it now. That guy will never make it in the NFL and anyone taking him in the first round would be certifiably nuts. Ah……don’t be so sure on either count. Tebow is a special talent with a King Kong level of desire to succeed at what ever in placed in front of him. So, what have we learned here?  I guess it’s that the Niners have a whole lot of “ciphering” to do, as Jethro Bodine used to say on the Beverly Hillbillies………….



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