Don’t just watch Alex Smith on Sunday

Pay close attention to those big guys in front of him………………..The Colts have a quick and active defense featuring sack master Dwight Freeney that will really want to rain on the little success parade that Alex Smith started against the Texans. The Niners offensive line has been anything but the perceived strength that most of us thought it would be coming into 2009. Right tackle has been a revolving door of Snyder, Pathos and Sims. Chilo Rachal has regressed at right guard and seems to be just trying to maul his opponent, instead of using technique and smarts. The result has been too many bad plays by #62. Eric Heitmann seems to be having a solid season at center so far. On the left side, guard David Baas seems slow coming off the ball to me? Maybe that very nasty pectoral injury from last year is still nagging him? The Niners best offensive lineman, Joe Staley, continues to grow at his position and has been pretty effective all year long, especially in pass protection.  The aforementioned line’s lack of execution against Houston really exposed Shaun Hill’s deficiencies when he gets pressured to make plays. He just isn’t a quick or mobile guy and that fact, plus being down 21 points at half time,  led to the grand re-entrance of Mr. Smith.  The aforementioned Mr. Smith fared much better because he’s just quicker on this feet and much better able to throw on the run than Mr. Hill. After that beautiful Smith pass to V. Davis for the first Niner TD, the line kinda perked up and played a much better game in the second half. Let’s sure hope that carries over to the battle in Indy where line play on both sides of the ball will determine if the Niners are competitive in this game, or fall abruptly to 3 and 4.



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