Now that wasn’t pretty was it?

The formerly anointed way new and improved Niners looked anything but against the Falcons. That game was ugly with a capital UGH! What is really surprising me about this team is the play of, or more correctly lack of such, from the offensive line. This was gonna be a real strength for the Niners coming into 2009 wasn’t it, even with some questions at RT? Joe Staley poised for the Pro Bowl. Two young, big and tough offensive guards in Baas and Rachal. A very solid and under recognized center in Eric Heitmann, now fully recovered from his major 2007 injury.

The O-Line in general has not played well with the exception of some nice run blocking for Frank Gore in the Seattle game.  What in the heck has happened? Staley continues to perform well at left tackle, seldom allowing his man to have an intimate visit with Shaun Hill. Heitmann also seems to be handling the middle of the field well. The other three or four………….seem to be the issue? David Baas looks slow coming off the line, one who gets consistently clogged up in line traffic to this amateur observer. Chilo Rachal came on very strong in ’08 when Coach “hit them in the mouth” made him a starter. This year he has gotten out quicked and beaten on the line of scrimmage a number of times, including against Atlanta on the interception that Shaun Hill threw in the opening stages of the game. Right tackle is a revolving door. Adam Snyder is on and off the field due to bad play, or getting banged up again.  Tony Pashos is showing why Jacksonville wasn’t interested in meeting his contract demands. Running to the right just doesn’t seem to be much of an option.

Every great team has a very effective offensive line. The Niners thought they had finally build one, or at least 4/5th’s of one. So far, that’s certainly not what has been seen on Sunday.  Hopefully the bye week will allow the Niners to get their offensive line back in some semblance of order. With the next fives games against Houston, Indy, Tennessee, Chicago and Green Bay, they had better.



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