Bay Area Sports Announcers

The new voice of the Niners, Ted Robinson, was a recent a guest on our Hooked on the Niners  television show (check it out in the video section of if you want to see the “Ted” show). This guy is sooooooooooo smooth, and soooooooooooooooo professional. Incredibly articulate, and down right charming. Ted continues the extraordinary lineage of  Bay Area sports announcing talent.  Think of it, the Bay Area had, or has, such individuals behind the glass as Lon Simmons, Russ Hodges, Bill King, Jon Miller, Hank Greenwald, Greg Pappa, Bob Murphy and Joe Starkey. Then’s there’s the “newer” talent like Mike Krukow, Duane Kiper, Dave Fleming, Tim Roy, Bob Fitzgerald and Dan Rusanowsky, all really good…………..The Bay Area has certainly been blessed with truly amazing sports announcers, and Mr.Robinson will take his place amongst the very best of them when he hangs up his microphone.



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