So far, so good

The Niners beat the Rams as expected, continuing to show a very quick and diverse defense. Lots more blitz’s and  very solid tackling. Not that I feel sorry for the Rams, but gosh, they are just terrible. And just how was Kyle Boller a number one draft choice? Oh wait, so was Alex Smith………. but that’s another story. A couple of other armchair observations. Wouldn’t Stephen Jackson be just plain incredible if he played for a good team? Can you imagine him in New England, in Phily, or with the New York Giants? It would be scary. And why exactly was Shaun “King of the” Hill in the game when it was 35-0? Can you imagine if something happened and the aforementioned number one pick had to strap on his helmet and report to the huddle?

The next six games for the Niners will really tell the story of their impressive emergence as a very solid football team, or maybe show what additonal work will need to be done. The Falcons come calling next weekend with Matt Ryan, Michael Tuner, and Roddy White. This is a very good football team and will certainly be a formidable test for the good guys in red.  A win next week would be huge going into the bye week, with two really tough road games on tap after the rest period, at Houston, and at Indy. Then, the Titans and ‘Da Bears visit the ‘Stick back to back before the Niners head to Green Bay, to face Aaron Rodgers and Co. That’s pretty tough going, but with Shaun the Calm at the helm and that defense flying around, if the O-Line can shore it up a bit, V. Davis continue to be a go-to guy, and Frank Gore back on the field, well who knows, this might get really fun again. After 6 years of un-fun, wouldn’t that be entirely nice!



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