Only one regret watching Niners/’Nals

It wasn’t easy for me to watch #93 for the Cardinals, one Calais Campbell. He is now a starter at DE, coming off what was described during the game as a “great pre-season.”  Campbell @ 6’8″, 290 lbs, and that incredible wingspan looks like he is going to develop into an excellent NFL player, and stalwart on the Cardinals defense for years. He had a solid game against the Niners,  batting down one pass, disrupting a number of plays, and making 6 solo tackles.

How would he have looked on the other side of the ball in the red and gold?

Well, that certainly  could have happened. In our  2008 Hooked on the Niners mock draft we thoroughly encouraged the team to select Campbell, from “The U”, with their number one pick (#29).  Campbell’s length and athleticism looked very attractive to us amateur pundits. And boy, did the Niners need a D-line presence! Well, as they say, “the rest is history.”  The Niners pulled the trigger on Kentwan Balmer from North Carolina. Campbell lasted to round two (pick #50). I dare say that the Niners and other teams might have had some serious draft remorse looking at that dude in yesterday’s ball game.

Onward and upward though…………while Balmer scarcely saw the playing field of University of Phoenix Stadium against the Cardinals, Ray McDonald had a very nice game at DT for the Niners with that quick bunch unit they were using (he and Justin Smith inside and Parys Haralson and  Manny  Lawson on the outside). Ray and boys did a very nice job chasing old Kurt around all afternoon.



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