Confessions of a Niner Neurotic

I am sitting in my remote undisclosed location deep in the California desert (when the revolution starts who will be laughing?) It is Sunday morning, just a few hours before the Niners kickoff the season. I am filled with a sense of great uneasiness. I dreamed last night the Niners got blown away 44-0. I woke up from this nightmare not with a feeling of  thank goodness it was only a dream but with an abiding frustration that the powers that be have made no real changes to this team. In the Walsh era, even the great teams, always managed to find a couple of new players, targeted at key positions. We are left simply hoping that Mike Singletary, through the sheer force of his personality will inspire virtually the same guys to reach new heights. Don’t get me wrong, I love Singletary but the powers that be seemed determined to doom him to failure.

More to come after the game…..

In the words of the great Emily Latella–“Never Mind”—And Jackie Gleason “How sweet it is”

Don’t I feel a little silly. The Niners showed a new level of physical and mental toughness. The defense was spectacular and the offense which sputtered much of the game found a way to make it happen in the 4th quarter. In the end the key moment in the game with the momentum clearly shifting big time towards Arizona, Mike Singletary called a timeout and gathered the defense around him, from that point on things changed. It is clear, this team believes in their Coach and taking on his personality is not a bad way to start the season. The tougher team went on the road and won a division game. What does it all mean? As Singletary said after the game, “one win paves the way for another”. Bring on the Seahawks.

BM (I really hate these initials)


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