Crabtree working out with……..

Ex-Niner Quarterback, and current ESPN talking head, Trent Dilfer. This is apparently occurring at San Jose’s Valley Christian High School.  I wonder how these two got together? No matter though, Crabtree is staying in shape, and it’s a good sign I guess that he is in the Bay Area, instead of being in Texas, or some other foreign geography. It was reported on ESPN radio that Dilfer said Crabtree just looks great, with a capital “G.”  Dilfer threw a whole bunch of passes to Crabtree and told his colleagues at ESPN that “he didn’t have a ball hit his chest once.” Also, no mention what-so-ever of any issues Crabtree’s foot.  He ran fast, made every cut, and jumped well. Dilfer might not have been the greatest passer in the history of the NFL but he is a very smart football guy. He knows his X’s and O’s big time. Thus, Dilfer saying that Crabtree looks big time in these workouts should count. But it isn’t going to count one little bit if Crabtree doesn’t sign a contract and get in the game. 



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