So what’s the biggest challenge for the ’09 Niners?

>Lack of DL pass rush?

>Right Tackle (Snyder and Sims)?

>Vernon Davis in the receiving game?

>No real number one receiver?

>Big plays from the secondary?

>Tough Schedule?

>Shaun Hill continung to play well as starter?

>Manny Lawson making a impact on defense?

>Effectiveness of Jimmy Raye’s offense?

Maybe it’s “all of the above.”  I am of the opinion that the Niners really need to improve overall in the area of turnover ratio. That’s “NFL speak” for the difference between the times you get the ball from your opponents, versus the number of times that you give the ball to the bad guys.  In 2008, the Niners turnover ratio was minus 17. That of course means 17 more give-aways, than take-aways. Too many int’s, too many fumbles, and too few int’s by the Niner DB’s (Lewis and Roman have not had one collectively in the last three seasons). J.T. O’Sullivan made a lot of contributions to the Niner turnover ratio in 2008 and thank goodness he’s gone. But, still too many balls on the ground and very few big plays from the secondary. Oh, by the way the leader in turnover ratio in 2008  was the Miami Dolphins at plus twelve. Think that had something to do with them going from 1-15 in 2007 to 11-5 and a playoff berth in 2008?



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