Crabtree contract incentive

So we now discover that the Niners have offered a 4 year 20 mil deal to Crabtree with incentives to take the number to 30 mil, if he “catches as many passes in his first two years, as Jerry Rice did.”  That’s absolutely unbelievable to me.  Who could dream up something like this? I can just see the news conference after a game. Reporter: “Good game Michael, the Niners came up big today in the fourth quarter to get that win.” Michael: “Yeah man, but they didn’t throw me the ball enough when I was open.” “I need the ball to get my money.” Reporter: “Ah…………….thanks for your time.”

OK, maybe that’s not being fair to Crabtree. Maybe he’s just a peach of a guy and a real team player and just is being handled by a bunch of knuckleheads. But, offering an incentive to a player like this is just a recipe for problems in my opinion, especially if the team is not going well.

Hopefully this deal can get done, and soon, even with this goofy clause in the contract. The Niners receiving core in its current state looks pretty vanilla to me. Adding Crabtree, and getting Brandon Jones back from his injury, would help.



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