The Definition…….

Of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. I guess that could apply to me saying over and over for the last “too many” years that the Niners need a pass rush. In three exhibtion games this year the Niner players have recorded exactly as many sacks as I have ………zero. I have seen a number of media interviews including one I recall during the Dallas game, where scribes ask players (in this case Patrick Willis) if the Niners aren’t showing their opponents how they are REALLY going to come after the opposing QB in the exhibition season? The response is always something like…..”yeah we are just playing a basic defense”  Boy, am I ready for that “un-basic” stuff when the real bell rings.

To be fair, the Niners did put pressure on the Cowboy ones a few times resulting in some hurried throws by T. Romo including an interception by Mark Roman (something he has not done in the last three years). The “pressurizer” continues to mainly be Parys Haralson, who is really turning into a very fine NFL defensive player.  Manny Lawson contines to get handled on most plays, either at OLB or as a stand up DE.

But it continues to be the front four that never, ever, seem to be able to get after the passer. Justin Smith is a respectable, but not great pass rusher. The other two D-Line starters are Nose Tackles, Isaac Sopoaga and Aubrayo Franklin.  Yep, a team should have one nose guy on their D-Line, but not two. The back-up’s? Ray McDonald, Demetric Evans, and last year’s number one pick, Kentwan Balmer. Not exactly a murderers row.

The Niner defense is pretty darn solid against the run but they will have to summon up something from the Greg Manusky trick bag to be more effective against the pass in 2009. They better come up with something good as here’s just some of the passers they will be facing in the weeks ahead………………Kurt Warner (twice), Brett Favre, Matt Ryan, Peyton Manning, Jay Cutler and Donovan McNabb. I’m also thinking one Mr. Aaron Rodgers might want to fling a few at the Niners when the teams meet in Green Bay in late November. So……go forth Niners and rush that passer.



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