Only Crabtree left…….

With Andre Smith’s signing with the Bengcriminals, the 49ers now have the distinction of having the only 2009 un-signed number one draft pick. That of course would be Michael “I was drafted tenth, but pay me number two or three money, because that’s where I was rated in mock drafts” Crabtree.  Hopefully someone will strike Crabtree on the side of the head with a 2X4 and tell him to “accept” the 20 million the Niners are offering and get the hell in camp.  It is becoming increasingly apparent why many teams passed on Crabtree.

The other two things that gave me pause for though watching the Niner ones play the Cowboy ones in their exhibition game were the “situations” at right tackle and at outside linebacker.  It seems the ’09 draft was influenced by the Niners feeling thier RT sitation was acceptable with Adam Snyder, and the signing of former Steeler Marvel Smith.  I guess they also thought that Manny Lawson was fully healthy and ready to rock at outside linebacker. He would be a formidable bookend to emerging pass rushing star Parys Haralson.  So even though the apparent “no-brainer” Crabtree pick was there, it may have not even entered the Niners’ brain trust minds to pick Ole Miss’ OT Michael Oher, who will likely start for the Ravens in ’09, and not trade with Carolina, and select Florida State’s DE/OLB Everette Brown.

Of course, everything is crystral clear after you have seen it happen, but with Crabtree MIA,  Marvel Smith unexpectedly retiring, Snyder being hurt again, and Lawson looking anything like the pass rushing machine he was projected to be, the Niners might have drawn the short straw again with their  draft strategy.  If that happens, on the heels of the Kentwan Balmer number one pick last year, I wouldn’t encourage Scot McCloughan to get too comfortable  in the Bay Area.



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