I wonder what it would take to get Cutler?

The Niners are reportedly interested in Bronco signal caller Jay Cutler, as are a lot of teams. The New York Jets are apparently the most voracious suitor, as they basically have a cast of no-ones at the QB position on their roster. The Jets own the 17th pick in the upcoming NFL Draft but surely would have to give that up, plus a lot more, to make the deal.  How about the Niners?  Their 10th pick could more than likely land the Broncos USC Quarterback Mark Sanchez if they like him. But the Niners would need to put more in the collection plate to acquire Cutler. Maybe a third round pick this year, or a second next? Who knows? The opportunity to get Cutler is certainly appealing. He’s a fine athlete and at 25 years of age, has over ten years of mileage on his treads, assuming he stays healthy. He does have a downside though, and that is his crappy attitude. He’s been whining and complaining ever since he caught wind that the Bronos would entertain offers for his services. Most recently, he has ignored for over a week, text messages from his Head Coach, and from Bronco owner Pat Bowlen.  You probably don’t want to blow off your HC, but blowing off the guy who signs your million dollar pay checks is way up on the dumb scale.  If Cutler were to become a Niner with the aforementioned attitude, it’s pretty clear that Captain Singletary would have him on the plank quickly. So, back to business…….do the Niners make a strong play to acquire Jay Cutler?  I think they should, and I think they will. Can they put the most compelling deal on the table? We’ll soon see. Proven starting Quarterbacks are very precious commodities in the NFL and rarely become available. When one does, it’s time to get in the game unless you have one of those type of QB’s on your roster. The Niners don’t.



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