Niner #1 Draft picks

In the last decade, the Niners have had thirteen first round NFL Draft selections.  Of those thirteen selections, six are currently on the Niners’ roster heading into training camp. They are, Kentwan Balmer, Patrick Willis, Joe Staley, Manny Lawson, Vernon Davis, and of course, Alex Smith.  Using my advanced subtraction skills, that leaves seven number one picks in the last ten years who are elsewhere.  Two players are currently on NFL rosters, Andre Carter in Washington, and Julian Peterson in Detroit. Four players are out of the NFL, Rashaun Woods, Mike Rumph, Ahmed Plummer, and Reggie McGrew, and one player, Kwame Harris, might be soon.  So one can certainly see that the Niners have  built a track record here that isn’t exactly stellar. To date, only Willis, Staley, and Peterson have been what one could call “impact players.”  The Niners have also made some just horrendous picks in round one (see the out of football list). Hopefully, last year’s number one, Mr. Balmer won’t be joining that fraternity.  So with April 25th on the horizon, how will the Niners fare with the tenth overall pick, providing they don’t trade it?  It’s imperative that they select a player who can come in and start in year one, like a Willis, or a Staley. Maybe  that’s a defensive end, right tackle, or linebacker? The Niners also currently hold the 43rd pick in the upcoming draft, another high choice that should land them a starter now, or in the very near term. Here perhaps a free safety, corner, wide receiver, or another stud running back to compliment Frank Gore.  I have been outspoken about my concerns regarding the Jed York-Mike Singletary-Scot McCloughan management team. This certainly looks like anything but a power line-up to me. But, perhaps I’m dead wrong, and the three amigos will pull off a stellar draft and secure both some immediate and future help for the ball club.



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