Three questions from Nancy Gay

Nancy Gay writes for the San Francisco Chronicle. In her recent article titled “Minicamp gives 49ers broad look at roster needs” she posed three questions, or “holes the franchise should address” as she wrote. 1.) Find a pass rusher.  Ms. Gay asked if Kentwan Balmer or Manny Lawson could be that player. In my opinion, no to both. I think Balmer is going to prove to be a huge number #1 pick bust.  Lawson has shown some proclivity to rush the passer but hardly is the player the Niners thought he would be, when he was a 2006 first round pick. Parys Haralson has emerged as a far superior pass rusher than Lawson.  I continue to think pass rusher is is absolutely the Niners number one priority in the upcoming NFL Draft. 2.) Find a number one receiver. Well, we have Josh Morgan, Jason Hill, Dominique Zeigler, Mark Bradford, Arnaz Battle and Brandon Jones. As for a number one guy, “come out, come out, where ever you are!”  Morgan has a chance to be real good I think, but personally I hope Isaac  Bruce has one more year in him so the Niners can get a solid number one WR (which they might of this year had they gone after Nate Washington instead of Brandon Jones). 3.)  Draft a right tackle.  Yep, totally agree here.  But with the #10 pick?  I personally think Adam Snyder can play that position more than adequately for the Niners. Gawd, he’s never been in one position since he’s been in red and gold and needs to be settled in one position so he can learn it. If the Niners can get a year or two from Marvel Smith as a back-up, I think that works. Finding a rookie OT in the draft with maybe the third or fourth pick, even the second, should someone fall, would not at all be a bad idea. Jonas Jennings is soon to be gone, and Barry Sims should get a friends and family plane ticket with him. The Niners have done nothing in the Free Agency period that should excite anyone. Thus, the draft with two picks in the top 42 is so pivotal to finding players who can not only help now, but continue to be a foundation for a team that has some nice young players and appears to be on the up-swing.



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