The continuing Tackle saga

We now learn that the Niners are looking at FA Offensive Tackle Marvel Smith, late of the Pittsburgh Steelers, bad back and all. Smith is a ten year guy who played his high school ball in Oakland. Smith’s agent tells us…….”He grew up in Oakland and he’s talked about playing for his hometown team, especially at this point in his career.”  Ah, Mr. Agent, his “hometown team” would then be the Oakland Raiders, wouldn’t  it? No big deal I guess, there’s just a bridge and a small stretch of water between Oakland and San Francisco.  The Niners continue to jostle regarding their right tackle position. Jonas Jennings was not invited to mini-camp which hopefully signals a parting of the ways with this outspoken player who spent over 40 games in street clothes, not shoulder pads.  The Niners don’t appear to be satisfied with Adam Snyder as their starting right tackle.  He seems to be thought of a the guy who come in a tackle or guard when a starter gets hurt or needs some oxygen.  I wonder if the Niners are really signaling that they would prefer not drafting an OT @ #10 despite the fact that two fine prsopects, Andre Smith of Alabama, and Michael Oher of Mississippi could well be there.  More and more mock draft sites suggest the Niners will pull the trigger on Georgia QB Matt Stafford who was star has droppped a bit  in recent months.  I guess we could discuss the merits of a pick like this (Stafford) for a good while. As for me, I would not favor this “opportunity.”  If Marvel is not seen to be marvelous, and Andre Smith is there, I would pull that trigger. If Smith is seen as a guy who can come in a start for a couple of years with Adam Snyder as the back-up and a Pass Rush propsect is there, that’s the move I would make.  The Niners cannot continue to struggle with rushing the passer, as they have for a number of years.



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