How about signing Orlando Pace?

Yeah, I know the downside…………….lots of injuries, big contract, going on 34 years old……………but there may be a pony in the pile here? It seems Pace is not ready to hang them up and even if he is fit to play, I can’t see any team offering him a huge contract given his injury propensity and his age.  I would think Pace might be interested in Niners given they are a team on the rise, and the fact that they are in the same division as the team that excused him. Pay back is often quite fun. If things could be worked out, and Pace can “go”, he and Joe Staley would make a very formidable blocking combo for the Niner QB (most likely Shaun Hill). Pace could also be a great teacher for the young offensive linemen on the Niners, much like Larry Allen was. I hope the Niners look into Pace’s “situation”, and consider signing him as a free agent.  This would not mitigate picking an offensive tackle at #10 in this year’s NFL Draft, if say, an Andre Smith were there.  Just think what a guy like Smith could learn from a 7-time Pro Bowler like Orlando Pace?  BTW, I was standing pretty close to Pace on the field at the Rams/Niner game at the ‘Stick in November, and that dude is just absolutely huge.  I am also guessing that the Rams strategy in the draft would now be to take an OT at #2, quite possibly Eugene Moore of the University of Virginia.



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