Niners Management Team

The Bay Area’s sports flagship radio station, KNBR, has been very critical of the Niners management team of late.  I think that’s justified. GM Scot McCloughan was on KNBR  yesterday, and his interview was nothing short of underwhelming. At one point in time he said the Kurt  discussions were a  “win-win.” What…………..!  McCloughan comes across as very uncomfortable  talking to the outside world, and representing the ball club. He always seems to want to put perfume on every pig, and even at some points comes appears defensive about what the team did, or didn’t do. I know, I know, he isn’t being paid to be the PR guy. He’s the GM, and basically in charge of developing the football team that will be on the field. Maybe he’s really good at that, but to the outside world, one would have to question that. Take a look at this year. Most everyone thought the Warner thing was the Niners gettin’ played to the hilt. The Free Agent signings so far have been Brandon Jones, Damon Huard and Demetri Evans. I think the Lombardi Trophy is safe in Pittsburgh.  Matt Stafford, the QB from Georgia openly criticized the team for spending an inordinate amount of time during his interview “discussing”  his parents divorce, when he was a child. Huh?????  Then there was the  “incredible” search for the “right guy” for the Offensive Coordinator, by Mike Singletary. The “right guy”, Jimmy Raye, of course.  And behind all of this we have a twenty seven year old owner, Jed York, who actually is pretty good with the media, but hardly a savvy NFL football man…….yet. When one thinks of the great management teams (Owner, Coach, GM)  in the NFL now, like New England, like Pittsburgh, and yes, like Miami now, with Parcells, one sees how far the Niners have to go.  That’s why I was hoping the team might invite Mike Holmgren in this year in a consulting role just to have a guy who has really been there, done that, for the Niner management team to bounce things off,  or get opinions from. Nope, the three musketeers want to do this on their own. With the NFL Draft looming, the Y-S-Mc team is the one that will be making the calls.  The Niners absolutely need a strong draft this year. Their current FA class are not difference makers, and last year’s draft class with the exceptions of Josh Morgan and Chilo Rachal appears very questionable .  I think we all hope that the York-Singletary-McCloughan triumvirate can really move the team to the “next level”, or as Bob Sargent of the Niners says….”to our rightful place at the top of the NFL.”  That’s exactly the right objective, but can this management team really accomplish that?  We’ll certainly see, won’t we? 



4 Responses to “Niners Management Team”

  1. qbn49er Says:

    I think everyone is making too much of a big deal over all this.They brought in warrner so what,give the team a chance.Let’s see what our coach can do with a full season.

  2. Dave Says:

    Why exactly is the Lombardi Trophy safe in Pittsburgh? It barely got there but for a missed call by the officials in the final seconds and that to a team dubbed ‘the worst playoff team in NFL history’ by some SI writers.

    I’m not jumping on the ‘beat up the 9ers brass band wagon’. I don’t think Scott meant ‘win-win’. I think he meant that they had nothing to lose by going after Warner. And they didn’t. Of course they were both being played and playing or testing Arizona’s ownership group. Happens all the time. What kills me is the amount of negative press they are generating for trying for Warner. Trotter calls this strategy ‘throwing feathers in the wind’. Oh really? How about taking a hall of fame qb from your arch rival who also happens to have a sweet, accurate arm that would force teams to respect your pass game so your run game is more effective. If that’s ‘feathers in the wind’ then what the hell is strategy?

    And how about that ‘flagship’ radio station? KNBRs Ralph Barbieri is a piece of work. He goes after Parag relentlessly and expects the 49ers to expose their decision making processes as if any NFL franchise would do this publicly. Why doesn’t Ralph ask Parcells or Belichik to do this and see what they would say. Parag does a great job with the salary cap.

    On another front, why not get a psychologist in for a brief tit a tat with kids who are about to command huge amounts of money. SI’s Ross Tucker had a great article on this very point. Just have a peek at Lynch’s endeavors in LA and Buffalo of late. The man hit a Canadian women and drove away and then got pulled over in LA because the police smelled Marijuana in his car and had an automatic weapon. I’ve lived in LA. It’s harder to get caught for marijuana than it is to find the beach.

    What gives here? Why all the negative stuff? The Niners were absolutely levelled for being cheap just a few yrs ago and now, Jed is spending too much ineffectively? They were 7-9 last yr with a good run and you’d think they went 0-16.

  3. Swissard Says:

    I have to agree with you (and nearly everyone else) re: Scot Mc’s GM skills and the aftermath of the Warner “date”. But about that Warner event – I would submit – for your consideration – that it seemed more like an Eddie D type of move and maybe it came from Eddie’s nephew Jed. We might consider it a bit a shot across the bow to the rest of the NFL that Jed is taking a more of DeBartolo approach (aggressive and with an eye to winning) rather than a York approach (oooo don’t spend money.) Sort term it may seem bad but the first step has been taken in saying “we’re back – or will be”. Look for an experienced NFL type to appear on the scene within the next 12 months or so.

  4. hookedonniners Says:

    Thanks for all the objective comments above. To Dave, what I meant about the Lombardi trophy being safe was a smart a……. referal to the Niners FA signings to date not being ones that would take the Lombardi trophy away from P’burgh, or anyone else. You all did see that the Niners signed another FA today, Eric Green from the Cardinals. Got beat out by D.R. Cromartie, but that’s OK. Green is a young guy and actually IMO, a pretty good insurance policy with the age of Walt Harris, and S. Spencer coming off season ending surgery last year.

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