Kurt Warner in the ‘hood ?

Sorry, I don’t get this one. And Warner’s agent says he’s not visiting the Niners to force the Cardinals hand. He’s on a different “moral plane.” Awh ‘cmon guys, this ain’t our first rodeo.  Mike Singletary has told us time and time and time again that “his Niners” are going be a  run first, smash mouth, drive the ball into your guts team. The team goes out and re-signs huge fullback Moran Norris who led the way for F. Gore’s 1600 yard plus season.  Then they hire an offensive coordinator who is supposed to be primed and ready to deliver the head coach’s vision. Check and check. Then it’s Warner time? Here’s a guy who wakes up throwing a football, and the Niners want to talk to him about leading their run first team? Geez, I’m confused. Once thing I am not confused about is the lack of respect that Shaun Hill is getting. This guy has done one heck of a job when given a chance, only to have Singletary be very emphatic about an open competition for the starting QB job in 2009, and now talking to Warner. What in the wide, wide, world of sports is going on? I am just not seeing that Jed York, Scot McCloughan and Mike Singletary are on the same proverbial page. Being on that same page is so imperative for a teams success. New England is, Pittsburgh is, I think Tennessee is, as was the great Niner administration of the past, with Jed’s Uncle, John McVay, and Bill Walsh. Keep your seat belts low and tight around your lap fans,  this ride is starting to get bumpy.



One Response to “Kurt Warner in the ‘hood ?”

  1. Aznaizzy Says:

    Well welcome to the big leagues boys. Shaun Hill getting no respect or assurance he is their starting QB. Singletary checking the free agent waters for players that one would never think would fit their offensive bill, and Kurt Warner entertaining playing for the West coast rival 49er’s. Wow what a crazy world we are living in. The entertaining aspect of this is, we are talking millions and millions of dollars, especially in this economic down turn, and something that will most likely never happen.

    Guess you can’t blame the Niner’s for looking and checking out the free agent market can we? If Warner would go the Niner’s that could make them legit NFC West contenders, especially with the loss of Warner from the Cardinals. That being said, maybe Matt Leinart will then become a legitimate NFL QB and the Cardinals can afford to lose Warner? I really don’t think so and I believe the Cardinals will realize how bad they need Warner and will come to terms with him.

    So everyone relax and enjoy the entertainment, because at the end of the day Shaun Hill will be the starting QB and so will Kurt Warner, both for their respective teams in San Francisco and Phoenix……..

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