KC-NE Trade

Gosh, it sure appears the Chiefs made an absolutely dandy deal in acquiring a young and talented Quarterback in Matt Cassel and a great veteran leader in Mike Vrabel, for the 34th pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. Now of course Cassel will not being playing behind that super talented NE offensive line any longer, so he will have to show he can make plays without them. The Chiefs obviously think he can.  Vrabel is 33 years old, and 12 years into the NFL, but still should be an incredibly valuable asset to a very young  Chiefs team, both on the field as well as in the locker room.  In my mind, this was a great trade for Kansas City in the short term, and in the long term.

The question obviously emerges, with Cassel gone, is Tom Brady ready to rock, and who will be the Patriots new back up QB? Well, one of my colleagues on Hooked on the Niners spoke to Brady’s father recently, whom he knows well, and Brady Senior told him that Tom could start an NFL game “today.” He is fully recovered, rehabbed, and ready to go. That’s obviously great new for the Patriots, but for all NFL fans, who missed out on seeing  Brady’s great talent in 2008.  As for the new back-up in New England, it appears that mantle will fall to Kevin O’Connell.  The 6’5″, 225 pounder from San Diego State was NE’s third pick in the 2008 draft, and the 94th pick overall. I’m guessing they liked O’Connell when they picked him, and they like him now. That opened the door for the Cassel trade.

New England has drafted superbly over the years, and in the 2009 draft they will send  four enevelopes to the podium in the first 58 picks.  Their own #23 and #58, as well as the #34 from KC, and pick #47 that they acquired from the Chargers in a 2008 draft transaction.  After day one on April 25th in New York City look for the Patriots to have  added some terrific new talent to their football team. Maybe Bill Belichick will be so happy, he’ll go out and buy a new sweatshirt.



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