2009 Free Agent Offensive Tackles

With the Niners clearly in the market for an Offensive Tackle in 2009, we took a look at the current Free Agent crop. One pretty well known and reputable scouting service recently rated the top 50 FA’s, regardless of position. The first OT on their list, Jordan Gross of the Carolina Panthers, showed up at number 16. Gross has re-signed with Carolina, so his FA status is closed. The next highest ranked player at the OT position was Mark Tauscher of the Packers, at number 31. Then at numbers 32 and 33, came the Eagles duo of Jon Runyan and Tra Thomas. The only other tackle on the list was Stacey Andrews of the Bengals, at number 46. Tauscher is a 9 year veteran, Runyon a 13 year man, and Thomas has been to war in the NFL for 11 seasons. Andrews is a 5 year guy. So, what have we learned here? Probably that the Niners are not going  to find Free Agent  OT nirvana in 2009.  They certainly don’t need another Barry Sims, and god help us, another Jonas Jennings.  I’m thinking the Niners could take two OT’s in the upcoming draft. But, I am not giving up on Adam Snyder. He’s been banged up more than occasionally throughout most of his career, and also has been summoned to play every position on the line, except Center. If he can truly settle in at RT, learn the nuances of the position, and remain healthy, I think he can be a productive part of the Niner Offensive Line.  Oh…………..the number one rated Free Agent? Mr. Albert Haynesworth of the Tennessee Titans. Pretty much no argument there.



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